America’s Greatest Enemy: Ignorance

An educational system born in an agrarian culture, and later industrialized to produce compliant employees, mass produces the skills of how, but inhibits questions as to why. The result is a debilitating kind of existential ignorance taught in assembly-line fashion, as millions of people learn to be human doings, but not human beings . . . Willful ignorance is human tragedy writ-large; it contains seeds of destruction for mankind and for most of the species on the earth . . . Why is so little attention given to being responsible for the veracity of one’s opinions ?
 . . . It is a sad commentary that legions of our citizens decry elitism instead of striving to become living, breathing examples of it . . . Why are exceptional athletes who break records revered, while exceptionally well-educated people are reviled? . . . Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is a self-destructive, self-defeating void where misspent emotion provides the substance needed to sow distrust and keep hatred at the forefront of public discourse. Read more . . . 

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