CANNABIS: “Marijuana: All Walks of Life are Drawn to This Plant” / MJ Straight Talk / Leland Rucker ☮

Cannabis Culture maven Leland Rucker with his irreverent (and wise!) Grandfatherly take. Count the hands raised in support of cannabis acceptance and you’ll find the whole political spectrum – from the Suits to the Birks – saying “Do It!.”

CANNABIS: “Leafly Cannabis 101: Five Basic Cannabis Questions Answered, Part Two” / Leafly / Regina ☮

1. Do you have to smoke cannabis?
2. What is a cannabis strain and how is one different from another?
3. How do I find out if qualify for medical marijuana and how can I find a doctor to evaluate my qualifying condition?
4. Where can I consume cannabis safely and legally?
5. How much cannabis can I purchase and possess at one time?