CONSERVATIVE CHARITY FRAUD: “Tea Party Charity, ‘Move America Forward,’ Uses Wounded Troops For Profit” / Cenk Uygur

SCIENTIFIC LITERACY: “Scientific Ignorance” / Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Neil DeGrasse Tysonh/t: Hammer the Gods

CRITICAL THINKING: “Are There Emotional No-Go Areas Where Logic Dare Not Show Its Face?” / Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins Are there kingdoms of emotion where logic is taboo, dare not show its face, zones where reason is too intimidated to speak?


I believe that, as non-religious rationalists, we should be prepared to discuss such questions using logic and reason. We shouldn’t compel people to enter into painful hypothetical discussions, but nor should we conduct witch-hunts against people who are prepared to do so. I fear that some of us may be erecting taboo zones, where emotion is king and where reason is not admitted; where reason, in some cases, is actively intimidated and dare not show its face. And I regret this. We get enough of that from the religious faithful. Wouldn’t it be a pity if we became seduced by a different sort of sacred, the sacred of the emotional taboo zone?


I deliberately [want] to challenge the taboo against rational discussion of sensitive issues.

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