COMEDY – SATIRE: “Bern Your Enthusiasm,” “Steam Ship,”Leslie Jones Isn’t Feeling SNL Host Larry David” / Saturday Night Live / Larry David, Leslie Jones, and Bernie Sanders ☮

Bern Your Enthusiasm

Steam Ship

Leslie Jones Isn’t Feeling SNL Host Larry David

NEOLIBERAL HEALTH CARE: “Why Congress Allows Big Pharma to Rip Us Off” / The Ring of Fire / Farron Cousins ☮

In addition to paying outrageous prices for health insurance, Americans are also being squeezed when it comes time to pay for their prescriptions. Drug prices in the U.S. are higher than almost anywhere else in the world, and this wasn’t done by accident. Big Pharma has bought and paid for our elected officials, and they’re allowed to do whatever they want as a result.

Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this with attorney Michael Burg.