NEOLIBERAL HEALTH CARE: “Pap Attack: Big Pharma has Turned us into Hypochondriacs” / The Ring of Fire / Mike Papantonio ☮

The United States is one of only two countries in the world that allows drug companies to market their products directly to consumers.

For the last 18 years, our TV airwaves have been dominated by commercials telling us that if we feel sad, if we feel sick, if we feel anything at all – then we need to take a magic pill from Big Pharma to make all of our worries melt away. A magic, by the way, pill that has been marked up by as much as twenty thousand percent.

Direct to consumer advertising has been a huge cash cow for the drug industry. Drug companies in the U.S. are now pulling in around $300 billion dollars every year, and this massive haul is all thanks to their marketing. Twenty percent of the country now takes at least five prescription drugs per month.

CANNABIS: “Historic: Bernie Sanders Becomes First Candidate to Endorse Full Pot Legalization” ☮

Bernie SandersA Gallup Poll taken last week found that nearly 60% of Americans favor the legalization of marijuana (also referred to as “pot” or “weed”), consistent with previous findings over the past couple of years. No less surprising is that Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Democratic Nominee for president, became the first – and so far – only major-party candidate to say he now supports making pot legal.  When asked by CNN debate moderator Juan Carlos Lopez, “Senator Sanders, right here in Nevada, there will be a measure to legalize recreational marijuana on the 2016 ballot. You’ve said you smoked marijuana twice; it didn’t quite work for you. If you were a Nevada resident, how would you vote?” Senator Sanders responded “I suspect I would vote yes” – to much applause.  Though some states have legalized both medicinal and recreational use of pot, the sale of pot is still a violation of federal law.

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