PLUTOCRACY AND PRIVACY: “Remember, the Fourth Amendment is Applicable to the Plutocracy, Not You!”

579335_237030999793751_993875086_nh/t: Living Blue in a Red State

NEOLIBERALISM: “The War on the Poor and Working Families” / Robert Reich

NEOLIBERALISM: “Dumbing Down America For Political Gain” / Mike Papantonio

RELIGIOUS MALEVOLENCE: “Get Out of The Vagina Business”

Get Out of The Vagina Businessh/t: Daily Kos

DOG WHISTLE POLITICS: “How Politicians Use Coded Racism to Push Through Policies Hurting All”

CHRISTIAN MALEVOLENCE: “A Real Short Memory” / Chris Rock

A Real Short Memoryh/t: Global Secular Humanist Movement

RELIGIOUS WHITE-WING BIGOTRY: “Religious, Homophobic, Racist Bigots – 1, Intellectuals – 0″

h/t: Being Liberal