COMEDY – SATIRE: “Bern Your Enthusiasm,” “Steam Ship,”Leslie Jones Isn’t Feeling SNL Host Larry David” / Saturday Night Live / Larry David, Leslie Jones, and Bernie Sanders ☮

Bern Your Enthusiasm

Steam Ship

Leslie Jones Isn’t Feeling SNL Host Larry David

CORPORATE MEDIA: “Corporate Media Wants You to Be Stupid: Let’s Fight Back” / The Ring of Fire / Mike Papantonio ☮

According to the most recent polling data, 65 percent of the public says that the corporate-controlled media has a negative effect on America, and 60 percent say that they don’t trust the media.

And here’s why – Americans now understand that the media doesn’t have their best interests in mind. They know that programming decisions are based on ad revenues, not about the news. If a story can’t sell ad time – or if it shows an advertiser in a negative light – it will never make it onto the air.