INTELLECTUALISM: “The True Purpose of Education” / Chris Hedges

Chris Hedgesh/t: More Trees Less Assholes

ANTI-THEISM: “Godless In America: The COMPLETE Short Film of Madalyn Murray O’Hair”

EVOLUTION: “To Put it Bluntly but Fairly, . . .” / Daniel Dennett

Daniel Dennetth/t: The Atheist’s Bible Commentary

RELIGION: “One of the Many Dangers of Religion” / Daniel Dennett

Daniel Dennetth/t: The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (Official)

EVOLUTION: “To Put it Bluntly but Fairly, . . . ” / Daniel C. Dennett

Daniel C. Dennetth/t: We Fucking Love Atheism

TRUTH TO POWER / INEQUALITY: “You may say that I’m a dreamer, . . . “

Truth to Powerh/t: Miss R•EVOLutionaries