SCIENTIFIC ILLITERACY: “When We Reject Science” / Bernie Sanders ☮


2 thoughts on “SCIENTIFIC ILLITERACY: “When We Reject Science” / Bernie Sanders ☮

  1. The American brand of conservatism is so intractable, so saturated in American exceptionalism, it could care less that it is being laughed at. Indeed, being laughed at is a badge of honor, a sign of persecution–martyrdom. No, we are in for a very long period of intellectual darkness. The only question is whether (hopefully not “if”) when we awake from our benighted slumber, there will enough time to right the ship of state and even the planet.

    • Probably already too late. These people are just one of the tools in the owner classes campaign to keep the population at each others throats while they gather up all the wealth and make us serfs again.

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