1 thought on “GUN CONTROL: “Study: NO ADVANTAGE to Using Firearms in Self-Defense Situations” / David Pakman ☮

  1. Surveys also reveal that the debate over gun controls is the one issue on which gun control advocates and most progressives simply cannot get traction on. The American public, staring directly into the face of the horrors of gun violence and a constant stream of data such as Pakman provides here, remains obstinate in response to calls for responsible legislation and regulation. They just keep falling back on the idea that somehow the second amendment with its clear linkage to eighteenth century home-grown militias and the equally clear recommendation of “well-regulated”, protects any and all wishes of gun owners. Maybe a similar miracle to the sudden shift in public perceptions of same-sex marriage will take place but I am not optimistic. If Sandy Hook cannot reach your blackened heart, nothing will.

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