2 thoughts on “WHITE-WING TROGLODYTE CONSERVATISM: “What the Rest of the World Thinks of the US” ☮

  1. The Trump bandwagon is destined to run out of steam at some point because even anger and petulance, like a screaming baby, has only so much energy to expend on what is, at its foundation, a white, racial-based, tantrum. Always follow the money and the money will eventually speak in terms of a GOP candidate.

    The real question is how much damage can Trump do to the GOP brand for 2016? If the money speaks and casts Trump aside, I think he will run an independent campaign–despite his recent protestations. He is feeding off the media attention and he cannot let it go…thus the independent (think Ross Perot) campaign and thus the siphoning off of the white rage vote. If he somehow makes it to the GOP convention, there is no one on this planet that predict what might happen there, except for the best political theatre of our lifetime.

    Now, unfortunately, the Democrats/Progressives/Liberals are currently huddling up to see how they can fuck up this Trump-delivered largesse. Sanders may well be squashed the minute the GOP annouces he is a “socialist” to the nation. Remember how well Obamacare was received when they were, erroneously, that it was socialism? Americans, who benefit from socialist policy every single day, run from that word like “fire” in a crowded theater. Clinton still can’t run an efficient, error-free, passionate campign even with a lifetime to prepare. Joe Biden is actually a good, thoughtful prospect but he is a decent, authentic man and is mistaking his grief for a mission. He won’t have the staying power and his candor will always be twisted into what is reported as “gaffes”.

    So, I guess we’re all fucked for 2016. The only constant going forward will be a GOP controlled house and a Supreme Court where Antonin Scalia is considered a jurist.

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