INTERVIEW: “Lawrence Krauss: Was There a ‘Beginning’ of the Universe?” / David Pakman ☮

1 thought on “INTERVIEW: “Lawrence Krauss: Was There a ‘Beginning’ of the Universe?” / David Pakman ☮

  1. While, like Pakman, talk about quantuum mechanical events, etc. eventually causes my brain to hurt, I think I understand enough to totally agree with Krauss that the real, verifiable, testable, theories advanced so far about the beginnings of the universe (or multiverses or whatever) are way more exciting and beautiful to behold and ponder than the narratives spun by Bronze Age poets and writers. And that, by the way, is not to demean those earlier intellectuals who were working with the knowledge they had and with different objectives in mind. The shame of using these ancient stories as foundations for policy belongs to those who contort and manipulate those stories from antiquity for blatant, self-aggrandizing purposes in an age for which they should have little or no relevance.

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