DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM: “Bernie Sanders Delivers Epic Speech on Democratic Socialism” ☮

3 thoughts on “DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM: “Bernie Sanders Delivers Epic Speech on Democratic Socialism” ☮

  1. I would wager that if most Americans would simply listen to one of Bernie’s speeches, even for 10 minutes, they would grasp that what he is talking about represents the best of American Values.

    Now, here is the problem. Will anyone listen to 1 full minute, much less 10, of a Sanders speech? They will listen only to attack ads and ‘spin’ and they have been trained–Pavlovian like–to run for the hills at the mention of socialism. You think the stink attached to Obamacare was something–just wait! Will a responsible press even attempt to interpret democratic socialism to the public. Uh, sure they will.

    So where do we go from here? Do we just keep talking to ourselves of the obvious need for radical structural change?

    I do not think Bernie will win the nomination but I am hopeful that he can stay in the battle all the way to the convention floor where I would LOVE it if he could be chosen to make the keynote address. DAMN we need a battle cry like he could deliver. Most importantly I am hopeful his straight talk can remove the stink currently attached to democratic socialism once people understand that all we’re talking about is basic fairness and the belief that, overall, fairness is what creates an even better economy and social structure.

    • Further to this topic, it seems to me we are reaching a number of tipping points in this first half of the 21st century which will determine the course of human and social evolution. First is our relationship with technology and the merging of humans and machines, AKA The Singularity. The second tipping point, which we may have already crossed, is climate change. And third is the surrender of the human spirit to corporatism, the simple giving in to the massive, global reach of corporatism. This third element is what Sanders is targeting really–it’s not just about economic structures. We’re losing all the other tipping point questions–can we hold on to the third?

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