2 thoughts on “US ECONOMICS: “It’s 2016, Here Comes the Crash” / Thom Hartmann ☮

  1. Geez, Tom, the market drops at the beginning of the year and an apocalypse is near? The stock market is anything but linear and now that everything is connected globally it’s even more uneven and susceptible to events not related to day-to-day economics. There’s no doubt that 2016 will be an uneven year and some of the downturns will be interpreted by these forecasters as “crashes” but I think he uses the term too loosely here.

    By the way, after haranguing the Fed for nearly a year to ratchet up interest rates, how did the market thank our economic geniusues–the big drop that Tom refers to here.

    • Recall, this book was published on November 12, 2013, so I don’t think that Thom was being apocalyptic in a reactionary sense. He saw a 2016 crash coming three years ago. It will be interesting is to see if he is right.

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