INTERVIEW: “AC Grayling: Morality Without Religion” / David Pakman ☮

A C Grayling, Professor of Philosophy and Master of New College of the Humanities, London, joins David to discuss humanism, religion, secularism and more. . .

1 thought on “INTERVIEW: “AC Grayling: Morality Without Religion” / David Pakman ☮

  1. The notion that religion, especially the Ten Commandments, is the starting point for morality is one of the most entrenched, insidious beliefs we encounter. How did people manage to get along for the nearly 200,000 years before Moses came down with just 10 rules for behavior, with 4 of these reflective of how a self-indulgent God expects you to love and fear him? The rest are dashed off as one-liners–don’t kill, don’t screw people you shouldn’t, don’t want things, etc… all things that Jews and Christians immediately stopped doing of course.

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