1 thought on “US POLITICAL PARTY HISTORY: “Liberals Will Not Win as a Centrist” / The Big Picture RT / Thom Hartmann ☮

  1. Ahh, yes, the Republicans are having such fun with their litmus-test, fealty pledging, shit-throwing argument over who is “conservative,” let’s try it with what it means to be “progressive.” Am. Are not. Real impressive. The road to stupid has been charted for us by the Republicans, let’s get in the fast lane.

    Regarding Hartmann’s thesis here, am I to understand that Grimes and Pryor would have won if they had just been more “progressive”, however he defines it? Kentucky and Arkansas are not Minnesota and Massachusetts. You just can’t generalize like that in politics, all politics are local and its just lazy thinking to contend that. Having said that, I do think Pryor should have embraced the ACA rather than running from it but the timing was really bad for him. The horrible rollout of the ACA was very fresh and “Obamacare” was a dirty word.

    But, I forget, the ACA is already “centrist” and bad rather than a major, significant step forward in insuring millions of Americans. I must promise not to think like that. I swear, I will work on it.

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