CANNABIS: “The Push for Marijuana Legalization Keeps Growing – and the Business Community is Onboard” / K.J. McElrath ☮

Cannabis LeafThe “Voice of Doom” that first spoke up in the 1936 film Reefer Madness continues to rant and rave about the horrors of the demon weed known as marijuana – but increasingly, that voice is being disregarded and even mocked as the movement for full legalization continues its inexorable march forward.

Even the business community, seeing the potential for immense profits from a cash crop, is adding its voice to ordinary citizens who are demanding the right to kick back and smoke a doobie without worrying about the cops bursting in and hauling them off to the pokey. Furthermore, political leaders who formerly opposed pot legalization, such as Colorado governor John Hickenlooper, have seen the light.

And speaking of the cops, law enforcement has also been supporting regulated legalization – if for no other reason than it frees up resources from having to bust small-time pot offenders and allowing them to put energy into pursuing more serious crimes.

There are numerous reasons why pot legalization is a positive step for the country.

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