PSYCHOLOGY – ANALYTIC PSYCHOLOGY: “Five Common Words / Phrases That Have Totally Different Meanings for an Introvert, and an Extrovert” / Learning Mind / Caroline Hindle ☮

Introvert, and an Extrovert#1 of the Common Words: Solitude

Extrovert’s definition: A negative state of being, characterized by a feeling of loneliness and boredom. May lead to frantic attempts to find company, including: calling everyone you know; seeing who’s available on chat; potentially going as far as making new friends for the sake of filling in this unbearable window of empty and meaningless existence.

Introvert’s definition: A joyful state heralded in by sigh of relief, giving way to excitement, and a warm, fuzzy feeling at the prospect of getting to enjoy a whole spectrum of solitary activities at one’s leisure. A rare opportunity for pleasure that is only jeopardized by those arch-nemeses of the introvert: the telephone and the doorbell.

#2 of the Common Words: Book
#3 of the Common Words: Boredom
#4 of the Common Words: Good Manners
#5 of the Common Words: Telephone

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