2 thoughts on “AMURIKKKA: “Dumbfuckistan” ☮

  1. Following my recent research over the last five years, my question is – Why isn’t the blue sections red as well? Most of my perceptions over many years have been completely destroyed and as you can imagine, this is extremely difficult to digest as if the rug had been pulled out from under me. The US is definitely run on a War economy, and that in itself is a concern. Considering the US since 1945 has intervened/invaded more than 70 countries in the third world, some democratically elected.

    The CIA, Henry Kissinger and the like have much to answer for and it’s a sick joke that the US is supposedly the world role model for morality and justice. They’ve broken just about every international law, totally ignored the UN and does what it wants, when it wants and to hell with anyone that objects.

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