PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Clinton Refuses to Take the Blame” / The Young Turks / Cenk Uygur ☮

If Hillary Clinton is looking for someone to blame, she should probably just look in the mirror.

“With anti-establishment politics shaking governments across the west, US and European intelligence chiefs are newly raising the alarm about Russian cyber attacks and information warfare, saying they pose a threat to their democracies.

In the US, the warnings have been met with a mix of outrage and outright dubiousness. While a bipartisan group of senators are calling for an investigation into how Russia might have influenced the US presidential election—saying the reports of interference “should alarm every American”—US president-elect Donald Trump is alleging that Democrats and other opponents are fabricating a story of Russian mischief because they still cannot accept his victory a month ago.

What is the CIA alleging about Russia and the US election? What is Russia’s motive? And if the CIA is right, what happens now?”

1 thought on “PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Clinton Refuses to Take the Blame” / The Young Turks / Cenk Uygur ☮

  1. Who the hell cares? For heavens sake, all the runners were terrible, just like the previous bunch. It was a matter of pick the least worse, which is a position that should be totally unaccepteble. However, what is most important is to work and attain an informed electorate of which all democratic countries with elections sadly do not have and we have a very long way to get there.

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