PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT POETRY: “Alternative Facts on Seven Countries’ Terrorists” / Black Agenda Report / Raymond Nat Turner ☮

by BAR poet in residence Raymond Nat Turner

This and every year since the dawn of this country, most terrorist acts in the US have been perpetrated by white Christian males. So how, our poet asks, do we make sense of Trump’s attempted travel ban and its effect on terrorism inside the US? Do they really fear that white boys will be trained in Somaila, Yemen, Iraq or Iran?

Orange Alert
Extreme Vetting—
Iraq, Iran, Libya,
Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Yemen
Troublesome travel areas!!!!
Increased risk of terrorist activity—
Increased risk of recruiters breaching
our borders and recruiting freedom-lovin’, fun-lovin’,
red-blooded, brave white boys; unwitting and innocent
white boys and turnin’ them into Bad Hombres!

Increased risk of white boys coming out
Libyan Conversion Therapy Camps Bad Hombres and
Bombing Oklahoma City;
Coming out Somalian Conversion Therapy Camps Bad Hombres
Shooting up schools like Sandy Hook and Columbine;
Coming out Sudanese Conversion Therapy Camps Bad Hombres
Shooting up Colorado Movie Theaters;
Coming out Iraqi Conversion Therapy Camps Bad Hombres
Killing South Carolina Churchgoers…

Orange Alert
Iraq, Iran, Libya,
Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Yemen
Must be Bad hombre hotbeds—Conversion Therapy Camps
Radicalizing Extremists elements practicing Scalia Law!

They gotta be
Havens for White Boy Terrorist Training—
Camps teaching critical klan theory—white supremacy studies:
Love of Hitler, hatred of Jews and how to say ‘nigger’ in 19 languages
While organizing Lynch Mobs posing as Sports Fans and practicing
Foam Finger Fundamentalism: “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!” and singing the
“Star Spangled Banner” Bud-drunk, obedient to the 1%
Why, even FOX thinks they’re
Conversion Therapy Camps
Bad Hombres how to
Infiltrate police departments,
and the army, and become confederate
flag-waving wild Boers—GI jihadis;
‘em how to
How to set up sleeper cells in klu klux klan klaverns;
‘em how to
Rape in the Philippines, Okinawa and Oklahoma City and
Get away with it;
How To View ‘people of color’ as collateral damage—‘bug splat’
Instruction from the White Boy Field Manual On Murder—
Stand Your Ground Studies: how to say with conviction,
“I feared for my safety…” after shooting ‘sand niggers’ ‘rag-heads’
‘camel jockeys’ ‘gooks’ ‘spics’ ‘spades’ ‘chinks’ and cutting off fingers
for souvenirs

Hey, maybe the Drone Ranger’s bombing 7 countries
Makes sense?
Maybe he was taking out existential threats:
White Boy Terrorist Training Camps?

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