VISUAL ART – ABSTRACT PAINTING: “Ten Amazing Facts about Wassily Kandinsky” / Paul Priestley ☮

Want to know 10 amazing facts about about the Russian artist Kandinsky? This art tutorial covers 10 important elements of the life of Kandinsky and is intended for those interested in art history and school students. The video covers his early life in Moscow and Odessa, his move to Law School and his eventual move towards the arts. This art tutorial covers his time in Munich, his meeting with Gabriele Münter in Murnau and his early investigations into colour and the development towards abstraction and abstract art. The influence of music on his painting is explained and his work with the Blue Rider and his teaching at the Bauhaus are all covered together with his eventual move to Paris and his death in obscurity. The video would be a great introduction to an art workshop or art day for children in a primary, elementary or secondary school.

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