PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “How to Vote When Democrats Shift Right? with Oliver Stone” / The Jimmy Dore Show / Jimmy Dore ☮

n the first part of our three part interview with Oliver Stone we discuss voting strategies, the way the Democrats have been shifting to the right, how this country hasn’t been the same since 1980 and what we can do about it. Spoiler alert: Oliver Stone doesn’t blame Susan Sarandon, or does he?

In Part 2 of our interview with Oliver Stone we discuss RussiaGate, his interviews with Putin, and Oliver responds to directly to some of the backlash he’s received from The Putin Interviews.

In the final part of our interview with Oliver Stone, Oliver shares his personal take aways from the Putin Interviews as well as his experience being blacklisted by other media in regards to these interviews. A filmmaker talked to Vladimir Putin directly! Asked him about supposed election interference directly! And this has been nearly ignored or if anything smeared by the corporate media, why is that?

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