1 thought on “POLICE BRUTALITY: “DL Hughley on Black Community’s Relationship with Police, Hate Crimes ☮

  1. Let’s face it, racism is a seriously big problem & unless attitudes change, it will remain! It’s patently obvious that when a cop shoots & kills an unarmed African American & sometimes caught on video, & the cop still! Keeps his job, you have to admit something is very, very wrong! Or, on video, a cop tasers a young black who was kneeling as ordered & dies & the comment by Chief of Police when asked by reporter for comment, he replied, “The officer will be sent for further training! Then you know there’s a massive problem! In South Africa, we also have a very long way to go, although we do have black cops & many are badly trained & about a third have previous criminal convictions! And you thought the US had problems. There has to be psychological tests prior to taking on these people.

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