1 thought on “PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Michael Brooks Breaks Down Bolivian Coup” / TYT / #NoFilter / Ana Kasparian ☮

  1. I don’t know where to start. He was not supposed to be a candidate in this election, he had lost a previous referendum. Even before that, Morales was an illegal president, he was on his third consecutive term (Constitution only allows 2). It was definitely NOT a coup. They was a proven fraud, not only by the OAS, we all were witness of it, the now arrested president of the Electoral Court said she suspended the counting system for more than 20 hours because they were pressuring her. Morales is not even a socialist.

    We have been on the streets for 21 days on a general break, that spreaded all the country. After those 21 days, Morales was alone.

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