1 thought on “EASTERN PHILOSOPHY: “The Ultimate Purpose of the World” / Eckhart Tolle ☮

  1. Ah, yes, a multimillionaire advising letting go of all needs. What in the world is the Unmanifested with a capital “U”? Who is the divine behind the “divine purpose of the world”? How does an illusion render enlightenment if, by its own reference, it is untrue? I understand the main thrust of Tolle’s teachings to be that we should become detached observers of ourselves and that is fine as he is appropriating–among many others–Buddhist insights. It’s just when he starts to enrobe these insights in mystical language that he loses me. Personally, I think that what Tolle is trying to do is to offer up some blunt insights into the world and human existence but recognizes most people can’t handle these truths unless they are encapsulated within mystical language and talk of transcendence, etc.

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