Aphorism: On the Unsolicited “Have a Blessed Day” Complimentary Closing

By Madison S. Hughes (11.22.2011)

I take offense to it for three reasons:

1. It implies that I deign the same irrational superstitious belief.

2. The audacity of it being so freely used reminds one of how it has been allowed to become a meme of the Christian White Privilege that so permeates our culture.

3. The passivity of those that recognize such, but somehow feel it is not worthy of a stance for their convictions.

I always respond with:

Don’t assume I share your delusions.

Have a Reasoned Day,

The rhetorical question is, why, to some, would my response come-off as sounding bombastic, yet somehow it is considered taboo to criticize the sender’s complimentary closing? The answer may be found in number two above.

3 thoughts on “Aphorism: On the Unsolicited “Have a Blessed Day” Complimentary Closing

  1. Tobeforgiven – You are truly deluded in your remarks. SistercTheresa was responsible for many deaths and only promoted herself, a Rumanian named Agnes! And the world fell for it, similar to the reaction on lady Di’s death. Do some reasoned research rather than swallowing what your fellow believers tell you. Sadly & disappointedly, my son & his wife are ‘Bless You” type people & they will just have to get on with it themselves while I shake my head! Oh Boy.

  2. Don’t we live in a world so ready to fight? While some do it with swords others do it with words and sarcasm. We are a world that is so pursuaded by fear of the other that we cannot help but assume that every word and every gesture is an attact. I love that you have Mr. Dawkins up there, indeed a brilliant scientist. I was watching Q and A here a while back and I saw him say that the Crucifixion was Horrible and Depraved, then try to say he said nothing disrespectful by it. Why, are we, both believers and non believers so focused on argueing and fighting. I hope you realize that we, the true believers in Jesus Christ, we do not say those things as an attack, we say them out of genuine love. It is the same kind of genuine love that caused Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr., and William Willburforce, to act (they did not hide thier faith in Christ), the same spirit that saw the birth of the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, World Vision, etc.
    We talk about the light, and so I will bring us into the light, were we (Christians) can be revealed for what we truely are, not some frightening shadow. Our motives for words like this are that we want to see you enjoy what we enjoy, we want to see you live. You have no idea what we are talking about, perhaps that is why you are so willing to attack us, but this is the truth. (I recognize that all do not do this out of a spirit of love).

    Why attact us?


    • You are “attacked” as you put it because you wont keep your delusions to yourselves. Your faith tries to weasel its way into the schools, on billboards, in newspapers, on television, etc. If religion would just leave everyone alone and quit trying to convert everyone to their belief you would most likely find two things would happen. 1. You would not be getting attacked for obvious reasons. 2. Religion would die out very quickly, with no one spreading religious dogma, and propaganda, reason would be the explanation for questions people had about anything. Not some story with no evidence, and magic to make it work.

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