CHRISTIANITY: “I Don’t Understand” / AronRa

While on a working vacation in Cancun, I had to respond to a couple of State Senators in the Hoosier state pushing a bill to promote Creationism as an alternative to reality in public schools.

CHRISTIANITY: “The Reason for the Season” ☮

Dec[ember] 25 is not [Jesus’ — or Joshua’s for those people who like to be historically correct] birthday. Biblical scholars have debunked the blind belief that Jesus was born on Dec. 25 time and time again. Instead, through scientific, historical and astrological calculations, they’ve pinpointed September of the year 3 B.C. as a more accurate date. . .

Many people are familiar with the Winter Solstice, and for those who are not, it’s when the sun reaches its lowest point in the sky on Dec. 21, actually appearing to stop moving for three days, then rising again on Dec. 25. With just a cursory examination, one can understand that the “Birth of the Son” is actually the “Return of the Sun.”

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PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Trump is a Symptom of a Larger Problem” / The Jimmy Dore Show / MUST WATCH! ☮

Things were already horrible and most Americans were already treading water before Trump was elected. Trump is a Symptom of 40 years of NeoLiberalism and the Corporate Capture of of the U.S. government.

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Long Term Effect of “Lesser of two Evils” Voting Revealed” / The Jimmy Dore Show ☮

Video of Barack Obama admitting his policies are really “moderate republican” policies is the the long term result of “lesser of two evils” voting. Of course that inevitably ends with a right wing demagogue like Trump.