THEOCRATIC FASCISM: “First: Do No Harm. Second: Do No Pussy Stuff.” / Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

Catholic Hospitals want you to leave a little room in your womb for Jesus.

WHITE-WING CONSERVATIVE DOMESTIC TERRORISM: “FBI Foils Terror Plot in Kansas” / Secular Talk / Kyle Kulinski ☮

“The ‘Crusaders’ knew they wanted to kill Muslims — and with luck, use the “bloodbath” to ignite a religious war — but for months they couldn’t settle on a plan.

WHITE-WING CONSERVATIVE DOMESTIC TERRORISM: “Why Isn’t There Wall-to-Wall Coverage of the Kansas Crusaders?” / The Big Picture RT / Thom Hartmann ☮

Thom compares the media coverage of the arrest of three men in Kansas who were plotting to harm immigrants with coverage of previous events perpetrated by Muslims. Is the difference in coverage a reflection of the media’s views on race?