PPE: “How Fascism Works: A Warning for the U.S. / Amanpour and Company / Hari Sreenivasan, Jason Stanley / MUST WATCH! ☮

Jason Stanley is a professor of philosophy at Yale University, and in his new book “How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them,” he explores the inner mechanics of fascism and the forces that drive dictatorships. Stanley joins Hari Sreenivasan to explain his concern at signs of fascism on the rise in the U.S.

POLITICAL COMMENTARY: “Sixteen Facts About American Policing the MSM Won’t Tell You About Cops” / RT America / Redacted Tonight / Lee Camp ☮

The sixteen facts about American policing Lee shares will blow your mind and prove that the police aren’t what you think. He tells us their origins, their worst crimes, and the most useless jobs that society expects them to do. People need to have a more accurate understanding of what the police do in order to understand why society wouldn’t fall apart if police department budgets were slashed.

POLITICAL AND CULTURAL TOPICS: “DISGUSTING!!! Trump Holding Tulsa Rally on Juneteenth, All While America Protests for Black Rights!” / Jesse Dollemore ☮

Jesse talks about Donald Trump’s decision to hold his first rally after a short pause in TULSA, OKLAHOMA. Which is the notorious site of the devastation in Greenwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma, commonly known as “Black Wall Street.” Making matters more egregious, he has chosen the date of June 19th which is known as “Juneteenth.” The day when the last of America’s enslaved population was FINALLY freed by the Emancipation Proclamation, which was issued two years prior.