FINE ATRS – PLEIN-AIR PAINTING: “Painting Accurate Detail” / James Gurney ☮

Want to make your urban sketches more accurate? James Gurney shares a few tips for plein-air painting as he renders an upstate New York streetscape in gouache. During the preliminary pencil drawing stage he establishes a unit of measurement and uses it to place other elements. By spending time on the center of interest and building outward, he gets an “anchor of reality” as he explores other parts of the scene.

FINE ARTS – PAINTING: “Skagen Painters: P.S. Krøyer, Michael and, Anna Ancher, Viggo Johansen, and Laurits Tuxen” ☮

A collection of wonderful Skagen paintings.The Skagen painters captured the beautiful nature, shimmering colours and special Nordic Skagen light in beautiful and romantic paintings that often showed ordinary people, such as fishermen, going about their daily tasks.

The Skagen paintings are forever part of the soul of Skagen. They were painted with much love for the people and nature in Skagen, which gives them a special beauty and character all their own.

The music with much Nordic romanticism was composed by Lars-Erik Larsson:

God in Disguise, The Disguised God, Förklädd Gud Op. 24: Prelude

Folk Song Night, Folkvisenätter, for string orchestra

Pastoral Suite Romance, Pastoralsvit

WikiArt: Peder Severin Kroyer