SCIENCE: “World’s Greatest Scientists are all Atheists! Panel Discussion” / Moderated by Lawrence Krauss ☮

A gathering of great scientists who individually will tell a personal story related to science.

Tracy Day, Brian Green (The Elegant Universe), Ira Flatow (Science Radio Host), Neil deGrasse Tyson (The Cosmos), Richard Dawkins (A Selfish Gene), Bill Nye (The Science Guy), Neal Stephenson (Science Fiction Author)

AMERICAN WAR ON THE POOR: “‘Cowboy Attitude’ Afflicts Police in Urban Areas” / RT America / Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston” ☮

Chicago is known internationally for its crime rate, despite its gun laws being among the strictest in the nation. How do city officials reduce crime and resolve the adversarial relationship between the police and the people of Chicago? Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston, president of Coalition for a New Chicago, joins RT America’s Natasha Sweatte to discuss police reform and economic justice in the Windy City.