PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Media Fawns Over Neo-Nazis (The So-Called Alt-Right)” / The Jimmy Dore Show / Jimmy Dore ☮

Donald Trump’s base includes Nazis, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and the KKK, including his Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, a former executive of the Neo-Nazi website, Breitbart. The Los Angeles Times and Mother Jones both wrote fluff pieces praising their fashion and ascendancy in Washington thanks to Donald Trump.

PHILOSOPHY – POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY: “Study: Teaching Students Philosophy Will Improve Their Academic Performance” / big think ☮

Raphael's painting: The School of AthensThere are many attempts to improve student performance which result in a host of measures, ranging from misguided to inspired. Such efforts include not assigning students homework, recalibrating standardized tests to account for unfair background advantages, or subjecting students to the hard-to-fathom Common Core standards. But a recent endeavor in the UK found another solution which actually appeared to have worked – the students were taught philosophy!

A study published last year demonstrated that 9 to 10 year olds, who took part in a year-long series of philosophy-oriented lessons, showed significant improvement in scores over their peers in a control group. The study involved over 3000 children in 48 primary schools all around England. The kids who were taking philosophy classes improved their math and reading skills by about two months of additional progress compared to the students who didn’t take the classes.

The actual aim of the classes was to improve student confidence in asking questions and constructing arguments, but the additional academic gains were undeniable.

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PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “CNN Reporter Can’t Handle Trump Supporters’ Stupidity” / The Young Turks / Cenk Uygur, and Ana Kasparian ☮

Trump supporters know in their heart of hearts that millions of undocumented immigrants are illegally voting because Obama told them to.

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Governor DAPL LIES Through His Greedy Teeth” / TYT Politics / Jordan Chariton ☮

TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton ( did a Facebook Live report on North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple’s press conference, where the governor lied multiple times about the police’s use of force against water protectors in the ongoing Dakota Access Pipeline standoff.