PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “‘Hard Power’ Budget and Hard-headed Cuts” / RT America / Ed Schultz ☮

Critics exploded in outrage when news spread about President Donald Trump’s proposed budget, dubbed the “hard power budget.” Many criticized slashing small agencies and programs like Meals on Wheels, the National Endowment for the Arts, NPR, PBS, and more as well as increased military spending. RT America’s Manila Chan breaks down the numbers.

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Ted Cruz vs. ACLU at Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing” / TYT Politics ☮

Ted Cruz sat steely-eyed as David Cole of the ACLU and Cornell Brooks of the NAACP criticized Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for his record on voting rights, women’s rights, and ethics. The Senator and former presidential candidate then used his questioning time to grill Cole on what Cruz viewed as a one-sided account of Sessions’ record as an Alabama District Attorney in his previous tenure with the Department of Justice.

Sessions was rejected as a federal judge in 1986 because of that tenure, but after this defeat, Alabama voters rewarded him by electing him at their attorney general, and then their U.S. Senator. Now Sessions, the first U.S. Senator to endorse Donald Trump for president, is Trump’s pick for U.S. Attorney General.

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Think This Coal Country Southerner Voted for Trump? Hint: Bubba Got Brain” / TYT Politics ☮

Nic Smith, a self-described “white trash hillbilly from the holler” has a few choice words for The Young Turks and other “left wing media” outlets in regard to assumptions about people from the South and from Coal Country. Did he believe Donald Trump when he promised to bring all the coal jobs back? What does he think about popular narratives on the right, blaming immigrants for global economic conditions, or cutting back on immigration to protect the white majority? Nic Smith is a Virginia Raise Up “Fight for 15” activist who, in a previous TYT Politics report, thrilled the TYT audience with keen observations and enlightening insights about 21st century struggles for working class Americans.

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Hey Democrats STOP Running Corporatist Candidates!” / The Young Turks / Jimmy Dore, and Steve Oh ☮

On the latest episode of Aggressive Progressives Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh discuss why the Democratic Party sucks. The Democrats have forgotten the reason they exist, and they will continue losing until they wake up and stop running corporatists.