PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Hillary Clinton Got a Reality Check in Wales” / The Humanist Report / Mike Figueredo ☮

Hillary Clinton recently made a visit to Wales to accept an honorary doctorate from Swansea University, and she didn’t receive the reception she’s used to receiving at home. Not only did a student yell “Bernie would’ve won” at her, but she was also interviewed by a reporter that wouldn’t allow her to dodge questions easily.

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Why is Trump Going After Football Players?” / The Big Picture RT / Thom Hartmann ☮

Thom returns from Portland to find out why Trump is spending his time on football players instead of running the country? Could it have something to do with those “nice people” he praised a month ago?

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Hillary Clinton’s Book ‘What Happened’ is a Slap in America’s Face” / TBTV / Tim Black ☮

What Happened is the title of Hillary Clinton’s Biography/Memoir of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Excerpts of Secretary Clinton’s book are critical of Bernie Sanders labeling him a “disruptor” and how she was eager to debate Bernie during the Primaries. Tim Black addressed the Hillary Clinton book and how it needlessly further stirs the pot on the Left and minimizes how Secretary Clinton loss the Election to Donald Trump.

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Anti-Net Neutrality Politicians Exposed as Industry Shills on Billboards Across Country” / The Humanist Report / Mike Figueredo ☮

Fight for the Future, an organization fighting for net neutrality, placed billboards across the country that put anti-net neutrality politicians on blast, telling constituents to call and ask them why they’re shilling for Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T. It’s a great exercise in accountability, and important in the fight to protect net neutrality.