CANNABIS: “Interns GRILL Jeff Sessions Over His Backwards Stance on Marijuana” / The Young Turks / Farron Cousins ☮

At a recent Q&A featuring Attorney General Jeff Sessions, interns at the Department of Justice grilled the AG about his stance on medical marijuana. Sessions seemed to struggle when coming up with a defense for his horrible policies and spewed complete lies to the audience. But the audience wasn’t having it and didn’t buy his excuses for a second.

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Army Lifts Ban on Recruits with Histories of Self-Harm, Depression” / Ring of Fire / Farron Cousins ☮

In a shocking move, the US Army has announced that they will no longer be turning away recruits who have a history of mental health issues like depression or self-mutilation in an effort to help bolster their dwindling ranks. Given what we know about former military members turning violent back at home and how poorly the US cares for its veterans, this decision will almost certainly end in a tragically predictable way.

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Televangelist Threatens Christian Civil War If Trump is Impeached” / Ring of Fire / Farron Cousins ☮

Televangelist Jim Bakkker made a shocking prediction on his television show this week – He says that Christians will start a new civil war in the U.S. if Donald Trump is impeached. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Republicans Freak Out After Vatican Criticizes the Religious Right” / Ring of Fire / Farron Cousins ☮

Evangelical Republicans in the United States are not happy about the fact that the Vatican recently called them out for mixing their religion with politics, and they are now lashing out at the Vatican. It must be hard for people to be exposed to the disgusting truth about what they’ve done to religion, but that doesn’t make the statement any less true.

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Trump’s Disgusting Behavior is Inspiring Others to be Obnoxious Pigs” / Ring of Fire / Farron Cousins ☮

According to a new report, Donald Trump’s piggish and obscene behavior has inspired people throughout this country to behave in the same way. The problem is getting so bad, in fact, that HR managers in the business world say that the President’s behavior has permeated their companies, which is absolutely destroying office morale.

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “The Trump, and Bush, Businessman Experiments Have Failed – Still Think We Should Run Government Like a Business?” / Ring of Fire / Farron Cousins ☮

Please understand the difference between shareholders, and stakeholders. Realize that the politicians work for the shareholders, and you are a stakeholder! MSH

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson Bash Trump for Leaving Paris Agreement” / Ring of Fire / Farron Cousins ☮

Some of the US’s most famous faces in the scientific community are lashing out at Donald Trump for pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  Could this move by the president finally be the motivation scientists need to run for public office?