FINE ATRS – PLEIN-AIR PAINTING: “Painting Accurate Detail” / James Gurney ☮

Want to make your urban sketches more accurate? James Gurney shares a few tips for plein-air painting as he renders an upstate New York streetscape in gouache. During the preliminary pencil drawing stage he establishes a unit of measurement and uses it to place other elements. By spending time on the center of interest and building outward, he gets an “anchor of reality” as he explores other parts of the scene.

VISUAL ART – COMPOSITION: “How to Compose a Picture Simply” / Paul Priestley ☮

Do you want to know how to use ‘Thirds’ to compose your picture, drawing or painting? This art tutorial shows you how to divide your paper or canvas into ‘thirds’ and how to create a focus of interest in your work. I also explain how the artist can guide the eye of the viewer towards the centre of interest, the focus of the painting or drawing. I also explain how by choosing different thirds as the center of interest the composition of the drawing can change. I focus on landscape and portraiture. As regards portraits I show you how you can make a person look more or less important or dominant simply by changing the composition, or how we compose the art work.