PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “SkyNews Invite Ex-General on to Justify Syria Bombing, Instantly Regret it and Cut Him Off!” / Gordon Dimmack ☮

ky News invited ex-UK forces Commander General Jonathan Shaw to justify bombs being dropped in Syria, but cut him off instantly when he starts dropping truth bombs instead.

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Syria Gas Attack in Douma is Obviously a False Flag Event – Rebels had Everything to Gain” / Gordon Dimmack ☮

There is no reason Assad would use chemical weapons on his own people when he is on the verge of winning the civil war, and after Trump had said the US were leaving Syria, “Very soon!”

ZOMBIE JEBUS DAY: “About That So-Called ‘Sacrifice'” ☮

 If I donated a kidney, but got it back three days later, that wouldn’t be a sacrifice either, would it?

h/t: Friendly Atheist