Quote / Christopher Hitchens / On the Independent Mind

Christopher Eric Hitchens (13 April 1949 – 15 December 2011)
English-American, Literary Critic, Journalist, Author,
Essayist, Polemicist, and Outspoken Anti-theist

The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.

4 thoughts on “Quote / Christopher Hitchens / On the Independent Mind

  1. Madison,

    I agree. Unfortunately my reading of his non-religious material is minimal. But hey, that’s something else I can add to my summer to-do list.


    • Tafacory,

      Be forewarned, reading Christopher Hitchens is like reading T.S. Eliot’s “The Wasteland,” in that his writings are replete with literary allusion. It is an absolutely wonderful ride be sure not to miss it. So have your library card in your wallet, your Oxford dictionary (trust me, you will wear it out) in one hand, and of course, Christopher’s favorite Johnnie Walker Black in the other. Enjoy!

      In Reason,

  2. Even if someone doesn’t agree with his worldview, they cannot deny his talent as a writer. The world has lost a very talented man.

    • Tafacory,

      Yes, on 12.15.2011 the world’s average IQ decreased. What was even more amazing than Christopher Hitchens’ writing ability was is his incredible mind. Too bad for those that only know of him as an ardent anti-theist, for his mental talents were of such greater depth than the literal and limited minded would ever be able to appreciate. One would need to go to their local library and check out “Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens” before they would realize the expansive knowledge of literature and world that Christopher Hitchens had at his instant recall. His anti-theist views received the most publicity; however, they came nowhere close to wholly defining Him (intended).

      In Reason,

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