5 thoughts on “One Enormous Reason The U.S. Is Still Miles Behind Other Countries

  1. I think as an Englishman free healthcare can and should exist in the United States of America but you need to make sure it’s run properly (not like the NHS in my country!), then it would be good. The problem with the NHS. in Great Britain is that it’s underfunded, grossly inefficient and all to easily abused.
    As for War I feel a bit sorry for you in Vietnam and Afghanistan, in both cases you allowed yourselves to get sucked into someone else’s fight without ‘doing’ your homework or studying the history first. If you don’t do both, the people will quickly turn against it when the ‘body-bags’ start coming home.
    Great country and statement though, I’ll get of my soapbox and shut-up now, sorry!

  2. A large part of the problem lies in that last bit of text: “We’re in the business of war, not welfare!” The notion that a government is “in a business”, should be run like a business, or should have the same limitations as a business is a laughable piece of propaganda which is nevertheless accepted on faith by an overwhelming majority of the U.S., and is the source of many of the problems now plaguing us.

  3. This one is priceless….well OK its not. Universal Healthcare is expensive…true. Yet here in Canada we watch (laugh) in astonishment that the one country on this planet that spouts its mouth off the most about freedom does not afford its citizens the freedom to become sick and not have to worry about losing everything for it. Many Americans equate socialized heath care with communism…..perhaps a symptom of the propoganda they have been fed for 60 years….think MacCarthyism. Socialized Universal Healthcare works! It is a constant challenge to keep costs under control…but doing so causes common good for a society that is beyond words in REAL HUMAN BENEFIT.
    It is truely bizarre that the US who claims to lead the world doesn’t think enough of Americans to cover them all medically.
    Perhaps THE most glaring example of corporate greed and what the US has allowed these corporations to become.
    Just my 2 cents…..

      • Thank you…I stand duely corrected….perhaps a symptom of dealing with too many Scotsmen….you are right….as long as they keep getting approval for this mindset it will dominate them.

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