PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Cancel Culture Conversation” / The Young Turks / Brooke Thomas, Jayar Jackson, Maytha Alhassen ☮

“News broke Wednesday and Thursday that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dressed up in brownface or blackface makeup multiple times in the past, spurring speculation about what the political consequences might be for him. Also this week, comedian Shane Gillis was announced as a new face on “SNL” and then fired soon after, when relatively recent videos emerged of him making racist, sexist, and homophobic jokes. Both incidents have renewed debate about so-called “cancel culture” — whether it’s too punitive, or if it serves as a way for marginalized people to reclaim power.”

PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Parents Targeted for Drag Queen Child” / The Young Turks / Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, and Jordan Klepper ☮

“A New York City family is once again facing calls from child protective services after their son, an 11-year-old drag queen, was featured in a shoe ad.