Most Of The Religious Right Are Not Stupid, Just Willfully Ignorant

The proliferation and public acceptance of willful ignorance is evident when we realize there are millions of history revisionists and creationists among us, many of who hold graduate and post-graduate degrees and occupy high-ranking positions in academia and the political arena
. . . Ultimately, it is the mind that defines our species. The ability to discern fact from fiction is what advances our society. Religious indoctrination of our educators, legislators and political leaders only serve to dilute our collective evolution as a species, stymie our collective intellectual growth and come at a great cost to our mental and physical of existence, especially in the realm of education and politics.
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9 thoughts on “Most Of The Religious Right Are Not Stupid, Just Willfully Ignorant

  1. I read the full article. I don’t know if you are the writer or not, but I’d suggest that it’d be wise to separate lack of respect for Christianity from lack of respect for the Religious Right, they’re really not the same thing. I believe in evolution, in the separation of church and state, that the US is not a Christian nation and was never intended to be, I believe abortion should be legal, and a number of other things that all so-called “ignorant Christians” apparently believe. And I am a Christian and I believe in God. We’re not all the same. (I also am not really sure of the difference between Christian missionaries who try to convince people that Christianity is the only truth and atheists who try to convince people that atheism is the only truth…) But my point is this, if you’re going to attack the religion Christianity, fine, that’s your right, if you’re going to attack the Religious Right, fine that’s your right (and one that I myself exercise quite often, in fact), but please don’t equate them.

    • Ms. Bernhardt,

      I did not write the article; however, I wholeheartedly agree with its author. I respect neither Christianity, nor the Religious-right. Unfortunately, I must tolerate them. Suggesting that I have the right to attack the Religious-right is quite frivolous considering that the right to do so was never in question.

      With that being said, it never ceases to amaze me why persons with your apparent difference of thought with the Religious-right are often quick to express such conviction to those of us that are neither, but not the Religious-right themselves.

      In Reason,

      • Of course the right was never in question, my only use of the statement was to assure you that I do not begrudge you the right, as many people do begrudge others the right to criticize their faith or worldview. Oh, I am quick to express my convictions with whomever it arises. Though I will admit, that my interaction with people of a Religious Right orientation is limited. I live in a liberal state, many of my friends are atheists or liberally minded, and my church is very far on the spectrum away from the Religious Right so that I know of no one at my church who at all shares the beliefs that were outlined in the article. If your question though is why more Christians haven’t denounced the religious right? On one hand, many have, on another yes, they/we could do a better job and many of us are trying our best, we don’t like the reputation that the Religious Right gives us, and on the third, most of the Christians I know (and I do live in a liberal state, so this is skewed) really just don’t even take the Religious Right’s views seriously enough to want to state that they’re not Christianity, most of them just take it for granted that clearly it’s not. I think the reason they don’t is that a lot of this is geographic, I live in a part of the country where evolution is generally taken for granted and gay marriage is legal and I never even remember anything about the role of Christianity being taught in my elementary school American history classes, people sometimes take their rights for granted, or don’t see how they could affect, say, schoolboard rulings in Texas saying that the US is a “Christian nation”. More need to speak up though, the current slate of Republican Presidential Nominees terrifies me at the thought that any of them could be our next President. I assure you, atheists are not the only ones who are concerned about our country’s direction.

      • I wonder if you don’t respect Christianity, as you say, or if you don’t respect some Christians. Most of the Religious Right are fundamentalist Protestants. I don’t respect their take on what Christianity is either. But again, you seem to be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It’s very intolerant of you. If I said I don’t respect blacks because of their skin color, you’d call me racist. So shall I call you…whatever, for painting all Christians with such a broad brush.
        One thing I do know…I would rather support someone whose moral stand is known than someone whose moral stand is unknown.

  2. It’s actually the Protestant Reformation which stymied the advance of society. Look where we were in the Renaissance Period, and look what happened after Luther, Zwingli and Calvin got hold of Christianity. Fundamentalists are the ones who would like to separate science and religion. Not the true Church-the Catholic Church…

    • David,

      “Not the true Church-the Catholic Church…”

      I believe the actions of the Catholic Church from its inception to contemporary times speaks volumes, and I dare not deign to argue with those who openly support such a cancer to humanity.

      In Reason,

      • Then you’re willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and all humanity, including yourself. Your comment alone, though, suggests you don’t know what you’re talking about. Provide an example of the cancer to humanity, I’ll be glad to prove it.

    • I think that the “true church” are those who believe in Jesus and God and try to live their lives according to his teachings, no matter what they call themselves. A lot of what happened in the renaissance was by people who wanted reform within the Catholic church and found themselves many times attacked by the Church. I don’t think you can attribute progress or lack thereof to any one denomination. And while I respect the Catholic Church in a number of ways, wasn’t it only a few years ago that they pardoned Galileo for saying the earth revolved around the sun?

      • Your’e right, the true Church is the one that Jesus founded, which is the Catholic church. The Church, which is run, after all, by men, is in constant need of reform, because nobody’s perfect. But the faith we Catholics follow, to the extent we adhere to Christ’s teachings, is the full strength one. It is true that Catholics made mistakes, and so did everyone else. During the Renaissance, though, there was no denominations. Only the Catholic Church, and those who didn’t adhere to Christ’s teachings.
        Regarding the Galileo affair, no, the Catholic Church didn’t ‘pardon’ Galileo. They did say that Galileo did not make a distinction between science and theology. Had Galileo not disputed the inerrancy of the Bible, he would have been left alone. It was, after all, a Catholic priest who first published the heliocentric theory. Galileo’s problem was theological not scientific.

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