3 thoughts on “President Obama Vs. Bush On Job Growth: Three Long Years, One Simple Graph

  1. and it only cost us 5 trillion dollars. what a bargain. at this rate we can implode our economy sometime in 2013. thank you president obama. Perhaps we should have a chart on unemployment figures for both presidents? And maybe a chart for the millions of people who ran out of unemployment and have given up looking for work. I wonder what those numbers would look like?

  2. Yeah, might want to check the chart there. It’s cherry picking months that generally have job losses EVERY year from Bush’s term then comparing them with months that usually have job growth EVERY year from Obama’s term. What I’d really like to see is how ALL the numbers stack up quarter by quarter. As it is right now, this is a blatant attempt to make Obama look good in time for the election. Frankly, this graph is dishonest, because it’s designed to mislead people who just casually look at it. I can understand if this was an honest mistake, but if you want to keep your credibility and intellectual honesty, you should either post a disclaimer, or, better yet, take it down completely.

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