CHRISTIANITY: “The Reason for the Season” ☮

Dec[ember] 25 is not [Jesus’ — or Joshua’s for those people who like to be historically correct] birthday. Biblical scholars have debunked the blind belief that Jesus was born on Dec. 25 time and time again. Instead, through scientific, historical and astrological calculations, they’ve pinpointed September of the year 3 B.C. as a more accurate date. . .

Many people are familiar with the Winter Solstice, and for those who are not, it’s when the sun reaches its lowest point in the sky on Dec. 21, actually appearing to stop moving for three days, then rising again on Dec. 25. With just a cursory examination, one can understand that the “Birth of the Son” is actually the “Return of the Sun.”

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US POLITICS: “Thank you, Jimmy Carter, for Waging Peace, Fighting Disease, and Building Hope Around the World” ☮

President Jimmy Carter

To say Jimmy Carter is a great “former” president is a tremendous understatement. This Nobel Peace Prize recipient is one of the greatest presidents in American history.

Under his leadership, we never dropped a bomb, never fired a bullet, and never went to war. No other president since World War II can say this. In 1978, former President Carter facilitated the Camp David Accords, a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt that still exists today. Countless lives have been spared by this remarkable peacemaker, humanitarian, and world leader.

In addition, former President Carter’s astounding nonprofit work via The Carter Center has helped reduce cases of the Guinea Worm Disease from 3.5 million to less than 30. With his wife, Rosalynn Carter, and Habitat For Humanity, former President Carter has been building homes for families in need since 1994. And his contributions with the late Nelson Mandela and The Elders will resonate for centuries. The 39th U.S. President is not only a national treasure—Jimmy Carter is a world treasure.

h/t: Daily Kos