5 thoughts on “HAPPY HITCH DAY! “Tribute to Christopher Hitchens” ☮

  1. Some people seem to have forgotten history, what were the Crusades? A religious war started by a pope that only united Islam from a tribal war to war against ‘the west’ that some fundamentalists keep alive today. Hitchens seems a pussy cat!

  2. Some people look and see only fault but Hitch was no saint, he was only as perfect as the rest of us. I listened and heard respect for humanity and articulated descriptions of life as being, “pure, true, beautiful, good, noble”. Apt homage for the third anniversary of his death – well done.

  3. Get that peace symbol out of the title. Hitchens spent the last years of his life as a cheerleader for war, under the unforgivably stupid impression that war would be a good way of weakening Islam. Not only was that a horrible ethical stance, but it was obvious to anyone who knows anything about history that it wouldn’t work — as indeed it has not; not only is Islam as strong as ever, but it is even more radicalized thanks to the stupid actions of the people Hitchens was assisting via propaganda. You know that thing, ISIS? The one that’s all scary and horrible? That was what Hitchens was, ultimately rooting for. (He also was a proponent of waterboarding, although unlike many of his fellow-travelers he tried it and admitted that it was torture — after, of course, he had helped sell it to the public. What an asshole.) At this point, the only ethical thing to do is to try and forget Hitchens; he proved himself to be a gullible cretin in a particularly brutal, vicious way.

    • You beat me to it. I wonder why the admin of this site, although a pacifist ( correct me if I am wrong ), supports Hitchens. Hitchens was damn right about religions, but he wasn’t about war. He left the Left after 9/11 becoming a Republican bitch.

      • Hello Alexander,

        You and I do not disagree. I am not a pacifist, for I prefer non-violence over violence. I adamantly disagree with Christopher Hitchens’ hawkish view of Iraq, but, as you say, he was “damn right about religions.” It boils down to a baby and the bath water argument. Great comment!

        In Reason,

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