PROGRESSIVE INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: “Dopey Senator: ‘We Need to Declare a War on Drugs!'” / Secular Talk / Kyle Kulinski ☮

A new “war on drugs” is necessary to combat West Virginia’s opioid crisis, Sen. Joe Manchin said Tuesday.

The West Virginia Democrat’s phrasing was a throwback to a highly criticized Nixon-era program of the same name.

Sir Richard Branson: It’s Time to End The Failed War on Drugs

Just as prohibition of alcohol failed in the United States in the 1920s, the war on drugs has failed globally. Over the past 50 years, more than $1 trillion has been spent fighting this battle, and all we have to show for it is increased drug use, overflowing jails, billions of pounds and dollars of taxpayers’ money wasted, and thriving crime syndicates. It is time for a new approach.

. . . Between 1998 and 2008, opiate use increased by more than 34 per cent, even as prison populations swelled and profits for drug traffickers soared.

Many political leaders and public figures acknowledge privately that repressive strategies have only made the drug problem worse. It took 14 years for America’s leaders to repeal Prohibition. After 50 years of the failed drug war, it is time for today’s leaders to find the courage to speak out.

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