Aphorism: On Christian Charity

By Madison S. Hughes (05.01.2012)

Churches in general and the Catholic Church in particular, are nothing more than organized tribal cults. They give to their respective tribes, as would any primal tribe; however, these modern-day mendicants mooch off of their secular brethren through tax-exemptions and other Christian privileges purposefully to give back to their primal tribes. They give not out of a sense of compassion to their fellow human beings, but out of a sense of community to their fellow limited and literal-minded tribe members.

4 thoughts on “Aphorism: On Christian Charity

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  2. Right on Mad. I don’t think though we’ll see in our lifetime the churches get taxed: they’re too large and powerful.

  3. Sorry Madison I agree with your comments but a bit of-agenda, here are some programmes from England that free-thinkers may find interesting :-
    ‘Beautiful Minds’ (I think you already know-off the programme about Professor Richard Dawkins) but there were a series of 3 with the first about Palaeontology and Professor Jennifer A. Clack
    SHOCK AND AWE ‘the story of electricity’ a series of 3 programmes I think by the excellent Professor Jim Al-Khilili.
    The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures ‘why elephants can’t dance’ a series of 3 programmes again I think, science for kids how it should be taught, fun!
    If you like your stars with an air of British Eccentricity – they don’t come much more ‘bonkers’ than Sir Patrick Moore, currently on-air I think about monthly so check for dates and times.
    If history’s your thing, I give you ‘Meet the Romans’ with the deliciously mad Mary Beard, she’s ‘not of this world’!
    Sorry to be so long-winded’ but ENJOY.

    • Supernova,

      Thank you for the program recommendations. Much to my consternation, here in the United States of Racists anti-intellectual “Lowbrowlandia” we do not have a television channel worthy of comparison to BBC4. I thoroughly enjoy the ‘Beautiful Minds’ series, and look forward to watching some of the others you recommend, via You Tube of course.

      Hoping to expatriate your way some day, take care.

      In Reason,

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