POLITICAL DELUSION: The Amazing Atheist / “American Violence”

1 thought on “POLITICAL DELUSION: The Amazing Atheist / “American Violence”

  1. The Amazing Atheist is right to a point. The drug business is probably the source of our relatively high statistical murder rate, not just the presence of guns. However, the school shootings and in-home massacres so at the center of national attention are not taking place as a result of drug wars. They are happening, it seems to me, because of our equally failed mental health and gun-regulations, both of which facilitate abused, troubled people having ready, easy access to weapons with massive killing power. Even the Amazing Atheist agrees that certain loopholes in the law need to be closed as does more research on gun violence. There is nothing in the new gun-violence legislation that would interfere with either hunting or home-defense. Why not address both drug-related violence and gun-related violence?

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