RELIGIOUS DECEPTION: “Religious Iceberg”

Religion Icebergh/t: Richard Dawkins Facebook

4 thoughts on “RELIGIOUS DECEPTION: “Religious Iceberg”

  1. On dear Chris, You appear to be on the side of the non-existent angels!? Remember, in my world, Blasphemy is a victimless crime! How so you may ask? Well the short answer is There is no God or gods!

  2. Well, as sensational this picture is, it is still a picture. Of course, trying to convince you that the message is wrong will be considered as authoritarian (man of god? theist?). But then again, one can consider the sensational picture as authoritarian.

    My message: The iceberg is true of man’s attempt to dishonestly approach God. God is naturally nobody’s fool. The iceberg does not apply to him(/her/them).

    This above all: To thyself be true.

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