2 thoughts on “RELIGION: “Looking in a Black Room” / Oscar Wilde ☮

  1. The fuck wordpress… Can you at least save what I write when you fuck up my login? Let me try this again.

    It’s much, much worse than that obviously. I’m sure Wilde knew that. It’s more like a lit normal room and everyone still thinks the cat is there even though nobody has seen a cat ever. They have a book about the cat that is the supposedly the be all end all of the cat that we are supposed to believe. They don’t believe in other cats at all and think they are total bullshit. It’s so much deeper than a dark cat in a dark room. I think Wilde is talking about our ignorance and God being shoved in the gaps of our own ignorance, but it people who don’t want to see anything but what they think is right want to shove that into areas where we aren’t ignorant about things. Granted, they might be ignorant of them (even though it might be a survival type instinct of religious thinking, I would like to think that they don’t realize how much we actually know about what they fight against sometimes), but humanity in general is not ignorant of many things that they still try to shove their deity into. Some of us don’t see it as much of a push, but they are persistant, and that can win out over being correct. How do you think politics works so well?

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