WHITE-WING CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN BIGOTRY: “Flashback: The Case for Southern Secession” / The Ring of Fire / Mike Papantonio and Chuck Thompson ☮

All over the South, right wing blowhards are whining about the fact that the Confederate Flag is being pulled down. This flag was their way of masking their racism, and now that they’ve been exposed, they can’t handle the spotlight. But is it time to just let the South go?

This segment originally aired in July 2015.

AMURIKAN CULTURE: Chuck Thompson / “Why Do So Many Southerners Think They’re the Only Real Americans?”


Southerners love trashing the rest of the country (when did you last hear a kind Rebel word for New York, Detroit or San Francisco?), but when their blood is really up the go-to move down South is to dismiss their fellow citizens as un-American.


Until enough Southerners are able to examine their society honestly—until they can begin to withstand external criticism without collapsing into blind hysteria—nothing will change.


The majority of Southerners are not uneducated rednecks flying Confederate flags from the backs of their pickups.

I never claimed they were, in the book or elsewhere.


However good and polite they may be, what the majority of Southerners are, and have always been, is willing to allow the most angry and “patriotic” firebrands among them to remain in control of their society’s most powerful and influential positions, be they in the realms of politics, business, education, religion or media.


As far back as 1941, Southern journalist W.J. Cash was remarking on “the ancient incapacity of the great body of Southerners to examine and analyze a case realistically even when their own fate hinged upon it, the tendency to take the easiest answer as explaining all their ills.”

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