RELIGIOUS STUDIES: “Colbert on Religion” / ReligionForBreakfast / Andrew Henry ☮

I’ve watched a lot of Stephen Colbert over the years. When you watch enough of one TV show, you start to notice patterns. For Colbert, I noticed he talks about religion a lot…at least more than other late night TV shows. What can we learn about this?

RELIGIOUS STUDIES: “The Infancy Gospel of Thomas Explained” / ReligionForBreakfast / Andrew Henry ☮

Stories about Jesus’ birth are famous. But what about stories about Jesus’ childhood? One early Christian text, the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, invents some pretty crazy stories about the schoolboy Jesus. But what did this text mean for an ancient audience?

RELIGIOUS STUDIES: “History of Halloween: Pagan or Christian?” / ReligionForBreakfast / Andrew Henry ☮

Halloween was not always a holiday of candy, costumes, and parties. Its history stretches back almost two thousand years. But what is this history? And what extent can we call Halloween a Christian holiday…if at all?

RELIGIOUS STUDIES: “Emperor Constantine Did NOT Choose the Books of the Bible” / ReligionForBreakfast / Andrew Henry ☮

One of the most enduring myths today about the Council of Nicaea is that the council members voted on which books to include in the Bible. This myth is sometimes expanded to include Emperor Constantine as some driving political force behind the formation of the canon. This, in actuality, is almost certainly a fable. Dive into the historical evidence to see why.